Saturday, January 2, 2016

Beauty - Essence Cosmetics Review

Beauty is being who you are, who you want to be and having fun while doing it.

Today I want to review about Essence cosmetics which was totally new to me.
I found this brand while ago, and it was its Nude line makeup that caught my eyes as soon as I entered the store. I have searched for some lipstick in Nude color and it was hard to find the good one that suit with my white skin. After I saw the stand of this brand, I’ve found so much funny and cute cosmetics and it was really at a good cost.
This brand has started its work from Germany but spread its lines to New York, North America and then globally through Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. The amazing fact about this brand is, every line of it is made in different country. For example, Mascara made in Luxembourg, Lipstick made in Italy and Lip liner made in Poland. I usually don’t trust cosmetics with cheap costs cause I had this experience about cheap cosmetics = low quality, but I need to confess this brand made me to change my idea at all. It has high quality beside great price.
And another 2 perfect facts is: 1- NO ANIMAL TESTING of this brand. We do love animals and annoying them is hurt us. 2- Product donations to students in need under “Operation Prom”, feeding hungers as “Feeding America”, helps to developments women who are breadwinner of family as “Dress For Success” and family-to-family project as a one-to-one family sharing to connecting communications and in country’s poorest areas, “Family To Family”.

Now about the products I have bought from this brand:
1-      Essence lipstick - #03 Come naturally (Dark Nude)
This lipstick has a good texture with less oily. It’s long lasting enough for hours especially if you wear it on lip liner. It doesn’t have any smell or taste. It has end look not glowy and not matte, just naturally.
2-      Essence lipliner - #07 Plum cake (Dark Nude)
It’s a great choice as a lipstick as well. I usually use it in the early mornings when I don’t have feeling of heavy makeup. It’s really true meaning of long lasting for whole day. It has a soft texture and you should be careful to don’t keep it in warm place (I did and for next drawing, it broke easily.)
3-      Essence Mascara - #Lash Princess (False lash effect mascara)
It gives you an irresistible eyes with false lashes effect looking. It makes your lashes longer and honestly, not so much volume lashes. It’s a great choice for daily eyes makeup. This mascara will not remove easily by eye makeup remover and it needs a little much effort than other mascaras but trust me, it worth it.



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