Sunday, January 17, 2016

Beauty - Etude House Play 101 Stick Review

Etude House; good quality and cute packages! And now, this new invention in cosmetics world!

Etude House is a familiar brand for girls who prefers princess like and cute pink packages in cosmetics, and well, nobody can deny its perfect quality, either!
This time, Etude House announced its new Play 101 Stick, which is from Play 101 Pencils.
This Sticks are vary in 4 colors for different skin colors, and it can play a role as a foundation, contouring and highlighters.

This line has a multi function colors for eyes, cheeks and lips as well.
These sticks have a soft and smooth feeling with a bright colors, perfect look at the end and good lasting, without dully end looks. Play 101 Pencil was my favorite too, with those sparkling colors and it was a great choice for summer makeups.
I was addicted to color #65 and #66 during my summer vacations, they gave me a great look even in the early morning with simple little black mascara.
By the way, I was curious about how should I use my Play 101 Sticks as a foundation and which other colors are perfect choice for cheeks and lips? So if it's your question either, then here you are!

And if you need better makeup tips, you can watch this video below. I have already in love with this makeup video and will try it as soon as possible.

Hope this post help you :)
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