Saturday, December 3, 2016

Interior Design - Dark Can Work Too

Hi all, after two busy weeks Dreamer is here to suggest you a kind of diversity.

It's "be brave and decorate with dark color."

When you want to paint your new home walls or repainted your olds, you try to do your best, and thinking about colors always goes to white, caramel, light yellow and more light colors, because we think other colors is more risky and when it comes to small spaces, the common advice is to go all white on the walls to reflect the most light and make the space feel bigger. But have you ever noticed what happens for other colors in white rooms?
I'm here to show you that using dark colors not only showing off the quality of our interior but also have psychological effects on our mood and lifestyle.

First of all we have to choose appropriate color for each spaces, we must think about how long we’ll spend in it and what times of day, what activities will take place in that room and the mood we want to induce, we have to see if there is any natural light in days and what times of day, and for sure the area and how big is the space is important.
Colors combination must be in the right way, never use same colors in different spaces, it can be various in tones.

Then you have to know what to pair with dark colors to reach a desirable result.
Add some white always is a right choice when accentuating with dark wall colors.
It can be about accessories or even a ceiling paint.

Pair with lights in a good way will have a fantastic result, lightnings or sun light, even the reflect of chrome or silver things will be Ok.

Like always accessories make a specific role and we need a not busy place with a touch of sculptures and masterpieces.
I promise If you use it in a smart way the effects of dark color create an elegant and bold aspect for your home.

As you know that dark color is not exactly black, we have many many choices, so don't hesitate and compose your beautiful dark decor.

À bientôt,

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