Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year 2016

Time flies and here we are in a last day of 2015.
2015 was such a bittersweet year, so many events happened in my life and I learned so many lessons from every little one.

Our true life is not like a Hollywood movies, colorful and funny, sometimes romantic and happy endings… but for sure, all of us spent last year with some up and downs in our lives.
As for me, 2015 were mostly good to me. I have find this new way in my life, I have experienced new things and I have discovered new places with my dear friends. I have met new people from different countries and I made new friends. I had a memorable times with my beloved ones and I will never forget them..
Let me to tell you some of highlights from 2015 which happened to me (Arranged by time):
1 -      I get involved in new relationship with my Korean boyfriend.
2 -      I had a small birthday party with only my parents and so much close family, and it was huge for me.
3 -      I moved to new house and it means new room and new design and new walk-in-closet, and all of them are amazing.
4 -      I started my blog once again as a new way (Fashion, lifestyle, health and fitness) and I will take an effort to make it update.
5 -      I traveled to South Korea for the second time in my life with my sister and our best friend. We traveled domestic to 4 cities, Seoul, Gyeongju, Busan and Jeju Island, and we spent one month there. It means I already lived in South Korea and experienced Korean life closely with Korean people!
6 -      I found my new way and took this serious decision. I know what I want from my life now and I will try to achieve them, cause I believe nobody can shape my life otherwise my own.
7 -      I lose 3 kg weigh and well, it’s after 5 years that I was 52 kg and wouldn’t change at all. I don’t mean I was fat or something, but I had some cellulite and I couldn’t get rid of them.
8 -      Finally, I have published my article in one of foreign magazines and it means I’m one step closer to my goal.

I achieved so much great things in 2015 and I’m thankful for each of them.
2016 is just an excuse to new fresh start and try more and more to make our dreams become true and always remember: “Nothing is impossible.”
Have a great last 2015 day and Happy new year everyone.



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