Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Beauty - Duft & Doft Body Care

As a girl with passion of pink color and sexy smells, I was always fan of Victoria’s Secret body lotions and its other body products. But today I want to introduce you a Korean brand which made me to replace it with all my VS products in my closet.

Duft & Doft is a Korean brand that stand on an innovative company working with love and passion to help make the world a better place. They provide everything related to body and skin care, such as hand cream, body cream, Skin care and body relaxation and pain free products.
Their science is about making you more beautiful with healthy products, for example, their body creams are enriched with argan oil, and their body mists are include green tea and mineral water which help your skin keep moisture. Their fragrances are so ideal for spring and summer weather, and my best favorite fragrance is Pink Breeze (the sunny spring peach and apricot, pink peony city jyuyi a lovely scent that wrapped around you feel good.) and Champagne (a tempting, fruity chypre fragrance.).
Honestly, their smell is more tempting and special than other body care products and it is more long lasting. The body cream is really great ideal for this keeping your body moisturized in this dry weather.
If you live in Korea, you can find your nearest Duft & Doft store via: www.duftndoft.com website. However I bought mine from COEX mall in Seoul and the staffs were so kind and helped me so much.

If you have any experience about other Korean body care products, don’t hesitate and let me know.




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  2. Love these products xx