Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Beauty – Innisfree Green Tea Skin Care Review

Stay healthy and drink green tea!
But green tea is not only advisable for drinking, but it is great for skin and hair as well. And now, Innisfree has this amazing formula for your beauty in green color packages!

Green tea seeds, cherishing the pure moisture in the ground, fills your skin with moisture.
Green tea seeds bloom flowers in autumn to bear the energy of all four seasons and take 2-3 times longer to bloom than other plants, because of moisture, the most important factor of germination. Green tea trees likes and dislikes the moisture, what does it mean? Green tea would not sprout where there is static water.
Green tea spreads its roots to deeper grounds to pump up the purest water. Because of this property, its seeds are called moisture seeds. So the green tea products will give your skins a perfect natural moisture and it will make you satisfy with this bright and fresh skin.
I have bought my own Innisfree skin cares from Innisfree Jeju House in Jeju Island, South Korea. And it was such a great experience, which I had never experienced before. It was exactly in the middle of green tea farm, it had a beautiful eco-friendly design, with a little café, they were so many amazing and delicious healthy and organic drinks. (I will write you about Innisfree Jeju House officially, later!)
This Green tea line provides in 3 different skin types (Dried, Oily and Combination skin). It has the different names in Fresh for Oily skins, Balancing for combination skins and Moisture for dry skins. This review is based on my own experience about “Fresh” products for Oily skin type. What can be better than Jeju's nature? and what can be better than Jeju's green tea in your skin care?

However, the review step by step:

Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Skin:
This one is on the first step, and it gives you a moisturizing skin with organic green tea water. It really gives you a fresh feeling on your skin. It has a good smell of green tea and well, it works as a toner.

Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Essence:
This one, has some texture between creamy and gelish. It has a same smell as toner and it makes your skin so soft.
Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Cream:
This cream is a little gelly and it has some kind of water base. It makes my skin super soft and NOT OILY ANYMORE. It’s perfect for my every morning and nights. It absorbs quickly but still keeps your skin fresh and smooth.
I’m totally satisfied with Innisfree skin care products, and you know what? Still, I have other Innisfree products on my bag and will give you a review about them soon.
Do you have any experience about Innisfree products? Feel free and leave comments below.



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