Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lifestyle - My Korean Style Life

Hey lovelies,
Most of you were curious about my Korean style life and frequently asked me a questions under my Korean traditional stuffs photos on Instagram (You can find me @mynameisgilda ). So, here you are and my Korean style life post.

I do believe in I was a Korean princess in my past life! It’s not so much normal to be obsessed about another country culture and somehow, knowing about that other country culture and history more than your own mother country! Home is where you heart is… And well, my heart is exactly in the center of the South Korea!
I have traveled to Korea two times so far and it helped me to understand Korean culture and lifestyle closely, and it was really better than what I was expected or what I used to read on internet.
I have my Korean boyfriend (I will update you about having Korean BF and its problems, later!!!) and I miss Korea everyday with all my soul. I have some Korean traditional stuffs collections and they are such an important things in my life (For sure after my mom and dad and sis and our health and our happiness…)!

By the way, my collection is consist of bed sheets, sewing box, Chopsticks set for couple, some kind of Korean energy drugs (?!) and a little photo frame, and those cute little gold plated bookmarks. Aren't they amazing? those ties on the ornaments are really eye-catching!
I have bought my bed sheets from Gwangjang Market, and photo frame from Insadong in Seoul, during my first travel to Korea. That sewing box set and chopsticks couple set and Korean drugs are from my Korean friend (We are not in touch anymore!).
I have always liked the look of the silk Korean fabrics and those patterns on it, and finally, I have so much of them! Sleeping in this kind of bed sheets gives me a feeling of “Yeah, I am a Korean Princess from Joseon dynasty!”
At the end, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate and ask me.