Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fashion - Korea's Fashion Trend 2016

We are near the end of the first month of this new year, and it’s a time to find exactly what is trend in fashion industry in a year ahead.

In the past year we had seen some kind of strange and more public fashion trend in the streets in Seoul. They were not those classy and high heels fashion anymore, but it was some like “More comfortable, More fashionable” trend over the streets.

1-   #Normcore:
According to literally meaning, it’s a combination of two words: Normal and Hardcore. It’s a uni-sex fashion trend by average looking clothes, non-designer brand clothes and most of them with comfortable style. Normcore doesn’t meaning of combination the first simple white t-shirt in your closet with your jeans. For the best looking in Normcore fashion, you must pay more attention about your body shape and color of your clothes. Find the clothes combination will make you stand out without: “OH, LOOK, IT’S DIOR” shout #ootd.

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2-   Wide Legged Pants:
One of the most popular fashion trends in Seoul streets was these wide legged pants, mostly in black color. It was some kind of craziness about this trend around fashion district of Seoul. Korean girls were so fashionable in these kind of pants and boys… well…They looked new and sexy in them!

3-   Marsala Color:
As weather got cold and colder little by little in Korea, this Marsala color got more trend in Seoul fashion district. We know about #Burgundy color craziness during fall and winter season, but this one was so unique. One of my favorites? Wide legged pants in Marsala color. Fully Korean fashion!

You can shop this look from:

you can shop this look from:

4-   Retro and Feminine:
Retro looks were always popular around the world. Who can close his eyes on that little red scarf or those high waist skinny jeans? Well, Korean girls looked obsessed about this retro style in the past year, but they didn’t forget their feminine side, as well. I couldn’t see so much retro in the streets but sometimes it was possible here and there.
And if you are curious about what is the fashion trend in Korea’s fashion industry on 2016? I can answer like this: Probably, the Hardcore trend will continue over the Seoul streets and for sure, you will see those wide legged pants on Korean fashionistas.

Which one is your favorite and which one will you try in this new year?



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