Monday, January 11, 2016

Fashion - Golden Globe 2016

Photo from Kristina Bazan's Instagram @Kristina_bazan
Golden Globe is always one of my favorite events during the year. I’m not such a movie killer person, and honestly, I don’t know most of the famous actors and actresses by their names, which is a shame… But why I like Golden Globe and I will wait for it during the year? Well, it’s all about Golden Globe’s RED CARPET.

Photo from Chriselle Lim Instagram @Chrisellelim
Golden Globe’s red carpet is always more important for me than actual exact Golden Globe events. I like to watch beautiful actresses and fashion bloggers walking on rec carpet fully dressed in all that classy and amazing gown dresses with those sparkling breathtaking jewelry, and they do waving their hands to me that sitting infront of TV with a popcorn bowl on my knees.
By the way, today I want to cover 3 of my favorite fashion blogger’s styles on Golden Globe’s 2016 red carpet.

Photos from Chriselle Lim Instagram @Chrisellelim
#1 My one and only one Chriselle Lim:
She is an Asian fashion blogger from
I do love her styles and her mind so much, she is such a role model for me, especially in blogging. She is Korean and it makes her more more attractive to me, as you know how much I love Korean style, culture and people, of course! She is such a successful woman in her personal life and career life, both.
She was absolutely ladylike in her beautiful Ralph Lauren dress, and her shiny Tiffany and Co necklace. She had this classy Judith Leiber clutch in her hand and her face was much more pretty than ever with L’Oreal Paris makeup.
It was some comments under her photos about: “The dress doesn’t show off your beautiful body” or “ You are amazing , but dress not really.” And so on… but let me tell you all, Asians are more think about being ladylike than sexy and they prefer to show off their dignity and beautiful souls than beautiful body!

Photos from Kristina Bazan Instagram @kristina_bazan
#2 The new ambassador of L’Oreal Paris, Christina Bazan:
She is such a classy fashion blogger from
I have always follow her by her travel’s diary, fashion styles and beauty tips. She is my another inspiration in fashion blogging industry.
She walked on Golden Globe’s 2016 red carpet with her sparkling Middle East designed dress from Labourjoisie and for sure, with her L’Oreal Paris makeup. Her jewelry was from Chopard, which were some simple but chic rings. She looked gorgeous!

Photo from Fiona Zanetti Instagram @Fionazanetti
#3 Another amazing gorgeous girl, Fiona Zanetti:
She is not exactly blogger but an assistant and friend of Kristina Bazan, and she is a career girl, meanwhile. She usually attends events with her best friend, Kristina, and Golden Globe 2016 was just one of them. Her sparkling dress caught my eyes at the second I saw her beside Chriselle Lim, on her Instagram. Fiona’s dress is from Yousef Aljasmi, another talented Middle East designer with his all stunning dresses.
She didn’t accessorized herself with so much jewelry but still she looked classy and fabulous.

At the end, all of you can guess my ideal style: long gown dresses with so much sparkles and bling blings.
Well, a touch of Tiffany’s or Chopard jewels will never hurt nobody!




  1. Amazing dresses!!