Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lifestyle – How To Organize Your Life?

It’s a new year, and it means new fresh start in our life. New fresh start with new plans and resolutions, but how to organize those plans altogether? I will tell you in continue…

All of us have so many dreams and goals, and new year or new month is always a good reason to start our attempt over and over seriously. We know we try as hard as we can to achieve our goals, which we set in the very beginning of the year, but we can’t manage our time during day perfectly.
Doing home works, studying, our work life… all of them are make us busy more and more everyday, and for sure, make us far and farther than reaching our dreams.
But nothing is impossible! Trust me. We can achieve everything we want easily with a simple planning in our life, daily for the most. So why don’t you start your planner from today?
Starting new planner is always a little difficult. What should I write in it? How should I write? What dates should I mark? What daily plans should I write?
Well, all of your answers are here.

How should I write?
You need some cute and colorful notes, stickers, pens and washi tapes (in case, if you love cute designs.) or you can decide the color you want to write with, but always remember, don’t change your colors during year. For example, if you dates are red and daily plans are green, and important notes are pink, then never change your dates to purple suddenly during year, please. It just makes you confuse.

What dates should I mark?
For the first, you can mark the important dates in your yearly plans, such as birthdays, anniversaries, date of you should ready the essay… or sometimes you need to visit doctor for yearly checkup, for example visiting your dentist, and as we know their schedule are packed for most of the time, then you should call earlier and make an appointment. Don’t forget to add these kind of dates on your weekly plans too.

What daily plans should I write?
I usually write my important works during day in my daily and weekly plans. Or works which made me busy during day. For example, studying for exam, helping mom in cooking lunch, shopping w/ my sister…

And what else?
Well, as long as I have some monthly resolutions such as eating healthier, get used to jogging every morning, learning how to bake a cake every weekend and caring my skin and soul more…, then I will add what I did to make me closer to achieve my goals during day. For example, if I ate fastfood for a meal in day and it’s opposite of my monthly goals, then I will write “ *Fastfood” at the end of the day with different color. It will show me at the end of the month that how much I tried to stick to my resolutions.

Having a planner with more managing life will be really amazing. After a short time you will find how much you are organized even in your daily life. You will never forget important dates and meetings and it makes you more attractive bossy girl ;)
Have a great organizing life, guys.



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