Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Beauty – Innisfree Green Christmas

Hey fellows, how are you all doing? Well, as for me, today we had our first Autumn snow! The weather is freezing and the path is so slippery. Did you have late 2016 snowy day these days? What does come to your mind the first time you see the snow, exactly at the late month of a year? Yeah, you all are right. It’s the smell of Christmas.

Maybe we don’t hear those jingle bells but already there is so many Christmas trees around the town. All the stores windows are turning to this Christmas decorate and the smell of ginger and cinnamon is in our nose!!
While you are shopping from a local bakery or take a selfie with a giant Christmas tree in the city center, why don’t you spend a minute online on Innisfree Green Christmas new collection? Be sure this collection colors can gives you a total feeling of Christmas at the right time.
Innisfree is one of my favorite Korean brands, especially about skin care. If you know or not, I have a very sensitive skin and the only skin care which suit my skin type is Innisfree’s skin line.
Another point about Innisfree is, all the products are from pure ingredients and totally natural form of nature. That’s why your skin can get used to it at the second you use it and there is no irritation or harm for your skin (Still recommend DO NOT use tangerine extract products if you have allergic to it!!).
It’s not only about skin cares, but even Innisfree makeup products have 70% natural ingredients, and another good news to the green users: all Innisfree product packs are eco-friendly and recyclable. They promised to on their 2015 Green Campaign: contributing to reducing carbon emission (collected 8.951.106 recycling-bottle so far), returning 1% of annual profit to nature and neighbors (KRW 3.1 billion donated so far). You can find Innisfree global website here!

After all, I recommend you to have a quick look at this amazing Korean brand new collection which contains ampule cushion, perfumed hand cream, moisture cream and skin sheet masks. Also, you can use from their great value and discount on this new collection. Don’t miss the chance and shop now!!!


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