Monday, December 26, 2016

Beauty – Klairs Mochi BB Cushion Review

Sweethearts, how are you doing with Christmas holidays?
As Korean beauty boom still continues around the world (you can read more, here), cushion pacts are so much popular among beauty lovers. Today I want to write about this newly Klairs Mochi BB Cushion.
This product was offered to me by Wishtrend online shop company to make a review.

Well, let me to tell you some about the Klairs brand.
Klairs brand is so much popular these days and you can find a picture of this cute Mochi BB Cushion everywhere on SNS. Klairs is a brand that claims about being eco-friendly and green. Its products are contain no alcohol and fully paraben free. It doesn’t have any artificial fragrance and that is exactly what my sensitive skin needs it.

Klairs is a brand which is stand among minimalist beauty lovers, who are want to have the most minimal makeup but still look perfect.

-“Awwww, that’s so cute *_* O Geeee I can’t stand still…” It was my first words the time I open the package and I meant it!! At the first expression, the Mochi BB Cushion is so cute and minimal at the same time!

After the outside, let’s have a look inside! Wow, what a lovely eyes!!! Such an adorable puff!!! Huh? What is it? Wow, awesome! This Klairs Mochi BB Cushion package has a lock!! It means there is no waste and evaporation anymore! (Yes! I still didn't peel out that blurry mirror protection!)

There is a point: this Klairs Mochi BB Cushion comes in one color, so don’t look around for a different color!!! This color is more suitable for those have a light color skin (as always, like other Korean foundation products!)
The texture? Well, the amazing part is coming up at this time!
This Klairs Mochi BB Cushion can be used to achieve two different finishes and three different ways. Do you want more coverage or just a moisture?

That’s the time I found most bloggers didn’t notice on their reviews! Actually, most of beauty bloggers are claimed about the poor coverage, they wrote this cushion is not suitable for those who have pimples or scars and blah blah blah...
According to the Wishtrend official website, I want to tell you how you can achieve the right look for your skin!

1.       I want full hydration (Coverage 2/ Easy)
Simply use after opening.

2.       I want coverage and glow (Coverage 3.5/ Moderate)
After opening, use a cotton swab or a spatula to press down the sponge for about 1 minute. This allows the sponge to absorb the heavy balm-type formula to increase the coverage. Although the sponge may look like it’s soaked, hold it for a minute for the full effect.

3.       If your priority lies in a coverage with a matt finish (Coverage 5/ Difficult)
After opening, follow the directions as the pictures below specify.
1)      Open the product and prepare a clean set of hands, tweezers, and a spatula.
2)      Remove the ring holding the sponge and use the tweezers to take out the sponge.
3)      Carefully flip the sponge.
4)      Being careful not to overflow the liquid, use the spatula to absorb the liquid.
5)      Use a cleansing wipe to clean the ring area and replace the ring into its original place.
6)      Voila! Start using your Mochi BB Matte Cushion!

By the way, it was my first time that I had something from Klairs brand on my hand and it was such a huge satisfaction for me, even at the first try!
Have you ever used anything from this Korean brand? If yes, let me know!!



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