Saturday, December 24, 2016

Interior Design - Christmas Decoration

Hi pals, it's Dreamer's time and I want to suggest you to read this article because here is a reminder for you to complete your Christmas decoration.
As we are in Christmas days and we all decorate our homes for this exciting event.

In the last busy workdays of last Christmas 2015, while I was trying to do a rapid decorating for my home, I really forgot to decorate some spaces, one of them was my bathroom! So it was the first space that I decorate for this new year, and I feel responsible to remind you as well!

Now close your eyes and think about Christmas, what do you see?
Of course colors, lights, gifts and symbols, memories that we have in our minds from years before and childhood.
As my opinion one of the more important aspect of decoration is colors; choosing the right color you can express yourself and your feeling, then your design is more effective and attractive.

Choose one of the above color scheme, which is more close to your bathroom interior.
Now start your innovation.
As you can see the common color in all schemes is red! Yes, red is correct, use it more.

Among Christmas characters and traditions, there are lots of specific details that remind us in Christmas by touch our feelings, some of them are: snow and snowflakes, red and green combination, Santa and his deer, Pine leaves, snowman, glitters and lights, sweets, and much more.
Be inspired and use the symbols. (Do it yourself)

And this amazing toilet seat cover set, I find several types, you can buy from here.

At the end my handmade snow globe, imagine about a snowy world and make it.

Do your best and don't afraid, Christmas design is not based on any rules or interior style, just do it.
Dreamer wish you a year full of happiness and real wonderful dreams.

À bientôt,

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