Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Beauty – Christmas in Your Beauty Pouch

Hey beauty lovers, it’s less than two weeks left until Christmas holiday and all of us have little or big Christmas tree in the corner of our room. Did you finish your Christmas shopping? Well, for sure you still missed something…
You already decorate your home with Christmas feeling but what about your beauty pouch?
Today I want to introduce 10 Korean beauty brands which are have some especial edition for Christmas. I bet you can’t close your eyes on them easily!

First of all I have some suggestion for those who are fan of cute packaging (such a guilty pleasure for me as a 26 year old lady!):

1-      Nature Republic (네이처리퍼블릭)
This brand is one of my favorites and why? Because it offers such a great quality snail solution cream. I have used this snail cream before and even it was the best choice for my mom’s dry skin!
Nature Republic introduced its Christmas edition not a long time ago and since then it was so popular cause of those Christmas tree illustrations!

2-      Etude House (에뛰드하우스)
Ehem ehem,
Ladies and gentlemen, please say welcome to my one and only beloved one, ETUDE HOUSE!
You all know that I’m one of those ssessang fans of Etude House products (ssessang fans are calling to those annoying fans around celebrities which are sometimes cause a serious problem.), I don’t have any shame to call myself like this (haha!).
Etude House introduced its Christmas edition under the name of “My Little Nut” and again another cute and lovely packaging!

3-      Peripera (페리페라)
Peripera is one of the Korean cosmetics brand which was so much famous because of its ink tint. If you are K-beauty lover, then for sure you have seen that tint bottles with a large round eyes girl on it! Yes, that was Peripera.
This Christmas Peripera introduced new tint packaging. No matter you are a fan of Santa himself or his hardworking deer, Radulf; Peripera has something for all of you.

4-      The Face Shop (더페이스샵)
The Face Shop was the first Korean beauty brand that I bought little something from. I still can remember that time and I have saved the shopping bag, yet (another guilty pleasure secret!!!).
This Christmas, The Face Shop has a collaboration with Disney Company and it’s a good news for all Korean beauty lovers who are in love with Disney characters too!
It’s obvious all of us imagined ourselves in a place of Disney princesses!!!

5-      COSRX (코스알엑스)
Unfortunately, I don’t have so much information about this Korean brand but the package design caught my eyes at the first sight.
COSmetics + RX = COSRX !!! well, a bit of confusing about this brand but the thing which made me to write about it was the brand’s description sentence: “Your skin is 90% of your Selfie.”
THAT IS SUCH A BIG TRUE! Thumbs up, everyone!!

6-      Innisfree (이니스프리)
Innisfree, my another favorite Korean brand. The simple packaging and great quality, it’s something like they have enough self confidence about themselves and there is no need to shut out!!
Innisfree is always have new idea with its handcraft products, and this time it gives this opportunity to its fans to create their decorative Christmas tree by their hands!!
You can read more about Innisfree Christmas edition, here.

7-      SKINFOOD (스킨푸드)
A diary or a planner is a good gift for Christmas and SKINFOOD knows it exactly!
Maybe SKINFOOD doesn’t have any especial Christmas packaging but still it has this cute idea for its fans. You can write your daily routines in SKINFOOD diary notes and decorate it with SKINFOOD nail stickers!! So cute and brilliant idea!!

And here some suggestion for those prefer to have more luxurious Christmas collection:

8-      SU:M37 (37)
SU:M37 is a luxurious Korean brand which is so popular out of Korea’s border these days.
SU:M37 is trying to get closer to the mystery of life, the marvelous natural conditions of the life and the old secrets of the original beauty instead of explaining proven excellence and efficacy of fermented science.
SUM means breath in Korean language and 37 refers to 37 secret codes hidden in SU:M37.

9-      HERA (헤라)
Are you a Korean drama fan? If yes, then for sure you know the drama “My Love came From Stars”. You think right, Jun Ji-Hyun (전지현) was the lead actress on this drama and she kept to using HERA cosmetics continuously! After that, she was the face of this brand and even on her recent drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea” she promotes this brand again!
HERA is a brand which is my favorite cause of its best quality cushion pacts and skin care products (you can read my HERA cushion review, here.)
This time HERA is here again, to stay by your side again, to start a new year with you!

10-   LANEIGE (라네즈)
All I want for Christmas is you!!!
Ohhh, I can’t close my eyes on this bling bling eye-catching packages, I mean this "Milkyway" collection!!!
LANEIGE is another Korean brand which doesn’t need so much advertise to introduce itself, it actually has been introduced by its great quality and brilliant packaging!
If you remember “The Descendants of the Sun” Korean drama, Song Hye-Kyo (송혜교) or its better to tell Dr. Kang Mo Yeon was the diva of this brand. She is the face of LANEIGE right now and is there any need I talk more about it??

Which one is your favorite brand? Which one is your favorite Christmas collection? Don’t forget to leave comment and tell me your suggestions!



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