Sunday, December 11, 2016

Fashion – D°GREE Korean Brand

Hey fellows, today I want to introduce very brand new Korean brand which is exclusively design tees with a great quality. I do like their minimal designs and I can’t wait to order one of those for myself.
What is the best part? You can choose their outfits for surfing and beach walking!!

D°GREE (디그리) inspired by the passion for travel and lifestyle. It is a brand that speaks for the different inspirations that you meet along the way. Every destination, every season and every colors is in a degree of its own. Each seasonal themed collection is conceptually based according to a specific lifestyle, the latitude and longitude of a destination. Apart from that, D°GREE offers a basic line that retains effortless style for every season.

During the end of 2015, D°GREE established their main design studio located in Seoul and started to develop their first order to integrate the themed concept appropriately with garments, the designer pays attention to the customized details and quality materials of each piece.

The designer of D°GREE believes that the main philosophy behind the brand is about living the moment of desire.
Life is now.
You can find their online shop here.
If you are living in Seoul, then you can visit their studio here: 210 Dosandaero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul




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