Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Beauty - LANEIGE Two Tone Lip Bar Review

Hey babes, how are you doing? How was your holiday? Well, mine was fine! I had spent my time with my family and friends and got rid of all my stress.
I have another news for you all: I already start studying French!
Oui, je parle francais, almost!”

Now it’s time to back to work.
Have you ever noticed the Korean style putting lipstick? Dark center and lighter round? Have you ever tried it but failed? Well, no more worry now on!
LANEIGE is one of the most famous Korean beauty brands currently and you can see the huge boom around the world for demanding this brand’s products.
LANEIGE got more attention for its new product “The two tone lip bar” which was showed up on a famous K-drama The Descendants of the Sun.

This two tone lip bar is my first LANEIGE thing and I’m totally satisfied! It gives me the exact look I want, that Korean makeup needs something invented like this in routine!
This lipstick is kinda oily and I suggested to dry your lips totally before applying. It lasts almost 4 hours if you don’t drink or eat! Yes, it is not that much long lasting you expect and that’s cause of its oily texture! But still it’s my favorite! It gives my makeup the Korean look, simple but elegant.

How to apply it?

ATTENTION! Do not slide the button when it’s covered by the cap, it crushed easily.
The most famous color of this two tone lip bar is No. 11 Juicy Pop, however it is not my style and I prefer No.2 Red Blossom!

Have you ever tried this lipstick? If yes, let me know your opinion!


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