Monday, February 1, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - For Him

It’s already February 1, 2016 and it means there is only 14 days until Valentine’s Day. So it’s better to get ready little by little now on, than being all in rush in the last day.

As long as Valentine’s day is a sweet and lovely day, so your gifts must be sweet too. Valentine’s day is just another excuse to show your pure love to your lover.
In Korea, it’s more trend that girls send a gift to boys, but it doesn’t mean girls won’t receive anything, but they need just wait until next month, March 14th, “White day” and then boys will gift girls chocolates and sweets.
However, it’s always a good idea to surprise your partner with something new, maybe another gift in chocolate basket is not a bad idea? So if you are thinking about it, I can suggest you Sulwahsoo men’s skin care collection.

Sulwahsoo is one of number one Korean skin cares around the globe and for sure your boy will appreciate you since after use it for once. Sulwahsoo’s Men’s collection is including Essential Skin Refiner and Moisturizing Fluid and both of them are perfect for soothing an irritated skin after shaving. Even the packaging is so manly and the black color is a great match with red color of your chocolate basket.

Another idea? Well, I have always like to make something by my own for him as a gift and these days I’m really into making scented soaps with romantic design. It’s so cheap and also he will understand you really take a time for making it. Think about a scented soap or scented waxy, with his favorite flower smell.
And after all of this, still a basket full of chocolate and sweets with your handwritten card and a cute red ribbon on it, is a good idea for him.
I wish you a great full of love Valentine’s day, sweethearts.



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