Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Beauty - Hair Care Products

Money can’t buy happiness. But it can buy great hair products.
That practically the same thing!!

Hey sweethearts, do you know a girl with a good shoes is never ugly? Well, I do believe about having silky and shiny hair, too!
It’s more than 5 years that I dye my hair every other month and I’ve tried so many hair products during these years. My hair usually gets dry and frizzy. I have never bleached my hair but dying all the time makes my hair damage and dry. But after my last travel to Korea, I found a great combination of hair conditioner, Hair care mask and hair repair oil all of a sudden. So if you have a problem with your hair (like I had before), then read this post till the end.

Miseenscene (미쟝센) is one of my favorite Korean hair products brands ( Miseenscene has a professional hair care products line. Their shampoos and hair conditioners are work as a magic! After the first wash with Miseenscene Pearl Shining conditioner, you can find your hair is healthier. Miseenscene Perfect Repair oil is a miracle and it’s perfect choice for girls with long hair. You should wear massage this oil to the end of your hair before brushing and dry blowing, you can use one pump after dry blowing too but maybe it gives you ultra oily look hair!

As I told you above, I have a really damage hair, so I use Nature Republic Argan Essential Deep Care Hair Pack every 10 days. You should use it after shower, put it on your towel dry hair and keep it in towel for next 10 minutes and then wash it properly. The combination of these 3 products are amazing.

I have some other tips for your long hair:
1-      Please, treat your hair as a precious silk. Wrap it between towel gently.
2-      Brushing your hair with no harsh. It causes hair loosing!
3-      If you have a problem with your long hair tangles all the time, then use Johnson’s No More Tangles. I know it’s for babies but it’s good for unlock your long hair’s knots. You can buy one less than 5$ and no more tangles after all! Spray it on your dry or wet hair and comb.
4-      Do not wash your hair everyday. It will give you a dry hair and dry scalp.
You can buy these Korean hair products from Amazon or and they will shipping worldwide.

Wish you a beautiful and longer hair in the world, Princesses.


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