Friday, February 19, 2016

Beauty - What's In My Makeup Bag

A daily makeup bag is kind of essential for every girls. If you are a college student or a career girl, or if you just going for shopping; All of us has a small makeup bag in our purse for that necessary time!

Today I want to show you what I have in my daily makeup bag, as a Korean beauty blogger!
If you know or not, I usually don’t wear so much makeup. Actually, I used to, but since I’m Korea lover, I prefer to spend more time on basic and foundation. In Korean beauty toturials you should focus more on your skin. More glowing skin, healthier looking face.
And now here we go:

HERA UV Mist cushion is my essential since first time I used it (You can read about HERA UV Mist Cushion review, here). I always wear it for my all day makeup and keep it close to my heart for in case, if I need to refresh my look. It has a mirror in it, so there is no need to carry extra mirror.
Etude House Dreaming Swan eye & cheek is my another makeup must-have. As long as I have Korean look, sometimes my white and bright face skin needs some blushing to show more fresh and cute look. I can wear it as an eye shadow for change my tired eyes cuter after a long busy day. Eye & Cheek refreshing in one pack! It’s win-win situation!
Etude House Princess Etoinette lipstick is so necessary for me. It’s perfumed lipstick and even it gives my lips moisture. This lipstick makes me totally princess and gives me a really gorgeous look.
Etude House Princess Etoinette perfumed hand cream is always helps me to keep my hands soft and shiny. It has a blooming pink rose scents and it is “OH GOD, PRINCESS IS HERE” so much.
12 Plus pocket perfume is a Thai product with Kpop idols picture on them. It is long lasting enough to help me survive long busy days.
And at last, this little pink telephone wire hair tie was my bff’s gift from her travel to Philippines. They are in two sizes (This is smaller one) and I wear this smaller size since I had a haircut. These hair ties are just like magic and they are perfect for grip the bun.
It was my short review about what is inside my daily makeup bag and as you see I don’t carry so much cosmetics with myself. Just some essentials!
Tell me what do you have in your daily makeup bag.



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