Monday, February 15, 2016

Fashion - Loyiq Shoes

 Are you the minimalist design lover? Then you are exactly in a right place! This Korean brand is TOTALLY YOU!!

 Hey lovelies, How was your V-Day weekend? If  you are single or just like me, so far away from your lover, then I bet you had a great Galentine’s Day with your girls or Falentine’s Day with your family! I had the Falentine’s one. I tried to show all my love to my parents and my one and only sister. I even pampered myself with face skin mask and candle lights in sexy lingerie. I showed my love to myself as well.
By the way, after this long weekend, it’s a time to back to work (Oh Monday, is it you? Again?).
Today I want to introduce you one of my favorite Korean brands, Loyiq shoes. I love Loyiq flats and if I say I didn’t fall in love with its ankle boots, I’m a big liar of century!!!

 Loyiq designs are good for men or women and there is no sexual difference and they are not tied into any trend. Simplicity is key and it’s trend all the time! Loyiq designs are stand on simplicity, practically and chic. Loyiq shoes are really high quality and your forever friends indeed!
Another point about this brand is, it’s shoes, even heels ones are as comfortable as heaven! And is there any girl outside who minds to walk on the clouds with her high heels?? Hell, No! 

Loyiq shoes 2016 S/S collection is MUST-TO-HAVE, and there is 10% off promotion for pre-order until February 21st .
If you are living in Seoul, Korea, you can buy or try your own Loyiq in one of Garosu or COEX or AK PLAZA stores. And if you are not living in Korea, then you have to buy yours online through . Be aware prices are in Korean Won!
Don’t forget to leave comment and tell me your suggestions about this brand.
Wish you a great week, sweeties!




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