Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fitness - Go To Gym Motivation

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Hey sweethearts, it’s March and it's my first post about fitness. I hope it helps you to find your own motivation for going to gym and have a healthier life.

First of all, lemme to tell you a brief about my fitness background. I have started going to gym since I was a high school student. It’s not meaning of I had never worked out before that, but it wasn’t in a regular and schedule plan. I start my going to gym every other day with my friend on that time. We were doing Aerobics and somehow fitness work out. I have done Aerobics for almost 7 years and after that, I shift my work out routine to Pilates. Honestly, after the first time I did Pilates, I fell totally in love with it and it’s about 2 years and I can’t think my mornings without Pilates anymore!
Aerobics and Pilates are a little same in inhale & exhale but actually Pilates is my favorite more, it’s a great combination of Yoga and Aerobics somehow and it helps me to focus on my body easily. It opens my mind and helps my brain to rest for an hour in a day.

By the way, with all much love I have through Pilates, but sometimes I need some motivation to going to gym or doing work out! I’m not a lazy girl, but it depends on all last night party!!! If you are like me and need some inspiration in the morning for heading to gym, then read below:
1-      Invite your friend to gym:
It’s not important if she is your BFF or your Partner In Crime, meeting up with her every other day is always a good idea! And where can be better than gym to talking and gossiping while sweating?!
2-      Play the hard music in the morning:
Wake up, open the windows and let fresh air comes in. Play the music and volume up! Take a shower, Prepare the breakfast and you will see such a motivation comes to you easily. Your partner will thanks me later for watching this view every morning!!
3-      Wear your gym wear in the morning:
This tip helps me a lot. I wear my cropped top and leggings in the morning even before breakfast and it gives me an inspiration for going to gym ASAP. It gives me feeling I’m a professional trainer or something!
4-      Choose the right gym:
All of us know, if you don’t like your gym or your gym mates, it’s even worse than going to work which you don’t like! The wrong choice on gym is a motivation killer!! Don’t be shy and just walking around the gym before registering. Choose the one is perfectly ok with your personality.
5-      Find a smiley work out instructure:
Nothing can be more motivation for you than a smiley work out instructure.
6-      Eat healthy and Think healthy:
Searching in the internet about how to have a healthy diet. Healthy body gives you a healthy mind, you can think more positive and make a better life. You can find good advices for healthy diets, here.

I hope this post helps you enough and please, try to find your own motivation every day. Consider every morning as a gift and just enjoy fully of it like a little girl at the Christmas night.
Don’t forget to write me your suggestions and tell me what is your every morning motivation?



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  1. Thank you so much gildajoon, pilates is greatest ❤️❤️❤️