Saturday, March 5, 2016

Beauty - Etude House Kissfull Lip Care Review

Your kisses will be sweeter than ever with this Etude House Kissfull lip care series.

Hey sweethearts,
Today I want to share with you one of my sweet memories and write kind of review about this Etude House Lip Perfume Tint as well.

It was Sunday morning and I had a full day date with my Korean boyfriend. As you know how much Korean boys love cute styles, so I prepared in the cutest style I could. I wore my pink Tee and short skirt with sneakers. I had messy bun and pale white skin with pink blush on my cheeks. It was early in the morning and cause our date place were a little far from me, I decided to eat quick breakfast in the super market in neighborhood. The super market owner was a really kind and smiley old woman with a little bit (Just word by word) English knowledge. She welcomed me every morning and afternoon with a big smile on her face. She knew that I’m not Korean but cause I could speaking Korean (A little better than her English) It made her happy. By the way, on that morning I went to her market and picked a banana taste milk (such one you always see in Korean dramas.) and the time I wanted to pay for it, she asked me in Korean: “Do you have a date today?”. Ooohh it made me really shy!! Actually I’m a bit shy about this kind of topics with adults… I just smiled and looked down, and she thought I couldn’t understand her Korean, and she asked me in English: “Date? Boyfriend? Date?”, I had a big smile on my face cause she was CUTE SO MUCH! Then I answered shyly: “Yes..”, and looked down again. She laughed and said in Korean: “You are so beautiful, he will fall in love.” And then repeat it in English: “Beautiful, Pretty, Pretty.”. I stepped out of market and walked straight to subway station while drinking milk, and what was in my mind? The old woman words: “He will fall in love.”

On that day I had Etude House Lip Perfume tint in my bag and I was waiting until get closer to date place and then put it on. It was the first time I wanted to try this tint, and I was waiting for some special reason since I bought it. It was the previous stop of our date place, I picked the tint out and wear it, while looking in my HERA moist cushion mirror. It had a soft textures and such a great smell. This tint has 4 flavors: #1 Peach #2 Grapefruit #3 Passion fruit and #4 Apple. I have bought peach one, and yes, all my tints are in peach flavor!! It was a little weird for Koreans to see someone is wearing lipstick in middle of subway, but well, OPPA was more important than what they thought! It made my lips so soft and it wasn’t oily at all. It had a bit shade of orange and help my lips look more natural.
It was the time to hop off. Subway stopped and the doors opened. I saw my boyfriend’s face among people whom running over to subway. He welcomed me with a big warm hug and kissed me lips tightly. Suddenly he looked in my eyes and said shocked: “Omo (Koreans expression same as Oh My God), so sweet.” And he kissed me again. He hold my hand and our sweet date has started.

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  1. love korean products for cute design

  2. Thanks for your comment, and yes, totally agree <3

  3. thanks for share the review and love etude house packaging always so cute hehe

    1. Thank you for your comment and I can't be more agree than this :* Please back here again.

    2. Thank you for your comment and I can't be more agree than this :* Please back here again.