Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Beauty - Korean Face Skin Mask

Korean women are famous for their bright and flawless skin over the world, but we know, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Even the Korean women took an effort for their perfect skin until makes it as their culture.

As long as Korea gets popular among people around the world, the Korean celebrities got more attention for their perfect face skin and their skinny bodies. No matter girls or boys, Koreans have a flawless skin. Their secret is hide in 2 things: Their healthy diet & their especial skin cares.
Koreans have a healthy habit for eating, they eat more more vegetables and sea foods, and less less red meat. Red meat is one of the most important options which is make our skin look old and not fresh.
Korean women know having a bright and radiant skin is a sign of true beauty, that’s why Korean girls start using skin cares, day and night, from age 16. Yes! They know how to look after their skin. One of the most important things in Koreans skin care routine is face skin mask. Koreans are usually put face skin mask every 3 days, and it helps them to keep their skin hydrated all the time.
Today I want to introduce you some of Korean face skin masks that I have used and got a good result.
I prefer to don’t talk about a brand! Honestly, most of Korean brands are good in face skin mask, you just need to consider your skin type at first and then choose the right one for you. Koreans face skin masks are in various flavors (I know, I know, my English sucks!!!) and I just tell you which is good for what?!
If you are fan of Korea, then for sure you know about Makgeolli (막걸리). Makgeolli is a Korean rice wine and it’s an ideal thing for skin brightening. In Korea you can find so many skin cares in Makgeolli, cause of its reach Vitamin B.
Bamboo face skin mask is my number one favorite, it’s perfect for combination skin types. Bamboo reinforces the skin’s moisture balance and you can feel all fresh skin after use.
Bee Venom will nourishing your skin and enhance skin cell regeneration, improve elasticity, firms and tightens skin. It resulting in a more glowing, radiant and youthful overall.

Pearl includes various kinds of minerals and it helps to moisture your skin. It gives you more shining skin while it cleanse and moisturizes.
Snail solution is “YOUR SKIN NEED IT” and it’s ultra moisturizing which give s you more youthful look.
Blueberry helps your skin to regain its softness and youthful impression.
Whitening mask sheet has the soothing and moisturizing formula and it helps make your skin glow. I gives you brighter and  whiter skin.
SYN-AKE help your skin to hydrate, lift and tighten. It reduces wrinkles and diminish signs of aging and gives you smoother and younger skin.

If you are a K-pop fan, then you can find your K-pop edition face skin mask in stores easily. The Saem and TONY MOLY have their K-pop edition in SHINEE and Super Junior-M with nourishing whitening moisturizing sheets.
Green tea and Aloe Vera are my favorite too but they are much more normal and routine, so I decided to introduce you something new.
Don’t forget to leave your comments and tell me your opinion about these face skin masks.



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