Sunday, December 27, 2015

Lifestyle - How to have a shiny shoes in 20 seconds

Today I want to share some tricks about how to make your shoes shiny and bling bling exactly at the last seconds before going out.

I can remember I was in rush to going on a date with my boyfriend after 2 weeks. I wanted to be the prettiest girl in the world on that night (Who doesn’t want to be??). At the exactly the time I wanted to step out of home, suddenly I found “OH MY GOSH!”, my sneakers were muddy from last night rain and I even didn’t realize it. I didn’t have enough time to change my shoes or even unlace my current sneakers (You know it or not, in Korean culture it’s rude to step in living room with your shoes on!), So I just open the closet behind the door and grabbed a “Makeup Remover Tissue” pocket out and wiped sneakers with them.
WOW, they really did magic at the second!  It even made my sneakers leather brighter and shiner.
After that night, I always will clean my heels, boots, sneakers (Which if they are leather, buckskin, denim or fabric!) with this kind of oily tissues. It really makes my shoes looking perfect at the time I want to going out!
You can find this “Makeup Remover Tissue”s in every markets without need to spending fortune on them, no need to buy such a luxurious brands, just a simple Makeup Remover Tissues from your local market. Maybe it’s not perfect for your skin, but be sure it’s enough for your shoes. I bought mine for nothing (around 3$) and it still does magic.

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