Monday, October 12, 2015

Return Of The Princess

I can still remember that night when My friend, Chloe, and I were walking trough to subway station after our dinner date and were talking about “How much being a blogger is amazing and perfect.” . Traveling around the world, attending the most exciting fashion events, wearing and experiencing a fashionable outfits, are all something dreamy for most of the girls in our age.

I have always thought being a blogger (fashion blogger, though) is one of the hardest things ever. Being an updated with new styles and new stories about your photos is really difficult, especially for someone like me, who is English not her first language!
After all these thoughts, I had my inspiration after a year, and that was about the time I found one of my walk-in closet photos on Instagram is now has a 10,000 likes in one the most famous Instagram pages "@ roomforgirl" . After that I was thinking about: “Hmm, why not? Let’s inspire people not just about outfit fashion, but a room decoration or regular fitness steps.”
After this short story, I want to tell you all I’m back after a year, with new inspirations and new perspectives and I don’t want to give up easily this time.
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