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Fashion - Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2016

Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2016 is already begun and we can see so many different street styles around Dongdaemun Design Plaza which is known as DDP.

Among all designers which are had a show on October 16th; there was Kim Seo Ryong, the talented Korean designer who I’ve always admired him for his best works. (

Korean’s styles were always my favorite. They always go right in their own way.
When I was in Korea, and no matter if there was Seoul, Busan or other little cities, I could see most of people with great street styles. Somehow Cute girls, as though they came up right from music videos, and most of the times boys with artistic styles with round frame glasses (without glasses!!).
Korean people are always try to be stylish, especially people around Garosugil, Shinsadong and Apgujeong alleys, where is the fashionista streets in Seoul.

Being fashionable in Korea is not such a big deal.
Maybe it needs a big wallet for shopping foreign luxurious brands or that SUPER TALENTED KOREAN DESIGNERS in Seoul but sometimes you can find great designs by ORDINARY KOREAN DESIGNERS in underground shopping centers which are cost 10$ mostly.
There is something mysterious in shopping from underground stores in Korea (Especially Seoul & Busan). There is so many stores with so many different styles, and you can make a great one all together by only spending 3 hours down there.

The important part of looking like Korean’s Fall style, is have a oversized shirt with skinny jeans, somehow with sneakers or bold high heels and a clutch in your hand. Don't forget this style doesn't need so much accessories. The less the best!
And what can be better than a shirt said: “Seoul” with Korean alphabets on it for have a Korean street style?
Both Shirt and jeans are from Gangam's underground shopping and Made In Korea.
Here is just a simple photo from me on the DDP stairs with my Artbox clutch and Adidas Superstar. By the way, I got a double heart from “Seoul  Fashion Week” official page on Instagram for this picture.

Let’s wait for other big Korean designers show in the rest of the week.

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