Monday, October 12, 2015

Beauty & Fashion - Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2016

When it comes about fashion, everyone’s first thought is about Paris, the heaven of fashion and brilliant designers. But have you ever heard about Seoul’s special fashion spirit?

These days South Korea is so famous for its Hallyu wave and for sure no one can forget that cute chubby man PSY’s “Gangnam Style” with his memorable horse dance.
New York, Milan and Paris fashion weeks are over and now it’s a time for Seoul fashion week and another chance for Korean designers to show themselves in the limelight of the world. Korean people are always have that special style, kind of style which is (sometimes) just only look good on Asians.
Korean styles were always my favorite and I can say I like their street styles more than other places (seems like a sin?).
This time the sponsor of SFW is by HERA Korean cosmetics, and it’s a good excuse to talk about this brand.
HERA is one of my favorite brands as long as I tried its UV Mist Cushion in moisture weather of Busan and Jeju island of Korea.

I have this oily ~ combination face skin which is always ready to welcome pimples, but this one, I was really satisfied with HERA reason. It gives my skin brightening and shining little by little after use, even I can feel the difference after using one time! The last look is a little shiny and oily on the skin but it’s fine, actually Koreans don’t like to have dry look face skin and it is not totally hurt me!
HERA seems one of the luxurious Cosmetic brands in Korea, it costs a little bit more expensive than other regular Korean brands (And it really worth it 10,000 times more!), as long as I saw it’s branches only in fashinsta Seoul streets and in luxurious shopping malls.
As you know, Koreans like the bonus and HERA, just like other Korean brands, gives you some free gifts as a sample and well, I still not use them and it’s in my To-Do List in near future.
I will updated you by HERA’s free gifts soon ;)
In this time, I just can’t wait to see my favorite Korean designers show time and for sure, Korean ordinary people’s special street styles.
Are you excited as much as I am??

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