Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Life Style - Out Of Date Magazines

Some out of date magazines.
Hey lovelies,

Imagine, It's a hot morning of summer and you open your eyes to a sun shining day. After walking down the street and find your favorite Very Berry Starbucks in your hand, it's a time for reading a new issues in a fashion magazine!

What will happen for your out of date magazines?
Do you put them in your book shelf or do you resale them online?
Maybe cutting your favorite fashion photography and put it in a frame.

The magazines those are past 1 or 2 months after published are called "out of date". But what about magazines from 2 or 3 years ago?

By the way, In every out of date magazine (Or very out of date one) is a plenty of entertaining information for us. There is so much information about fashion, beauty, and good advice in dating and relating parts!

Let me show you some?!

Harper's BAZZAAR, July/August 2011.

The Queen of the night, give some suggestion about how to shining more and more at the midnight. A Roberto Cavalli poncho with Van Noten clutch and Le Vernis in Beige Petale 567 Chanel nail colour, is always a good idea.

The Dubai Mall Magazine, April 2011.

" In line with the season's retro fashions comes the '70s-inspired disco-infused look as seen at Marc Jacobs,Louis Vuitton and Nina Ricci. "
This sentence is enough to start to reading while painting your nails by Benefit High Beam nail colour.

ELLE Magazine, March 2011.

Do you have any plan for travelling to middle east in this summer? Why don't you try some new fashion to have a great experience in this trip?
Sometimes a floral silk chiffon ruffled gipsy dress by D&G with a leather clutch bag and comfortable sandals is not a bad idea!
Let's travel to Marrakesh together ;)

Cosmopolitan, August 2011.

What's your idea about trying new hair style in your girly gathering? Maybe have a Retro pony or Pin-up retro with head scarf is worthy to try.

At the end, As for me, reading out of date (Spring/Summer) magazines in winter gives me a new hope with new fashion styles to have a fashionable summer in next year :)



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