Friday, January 20, 2017

Beauty – PURETREE Sheet Mask Review

Hey beauties, hope you all are doing well!
No matter if you are under the snow or sunbathing on the beach, you should enjoy this weekend, how? Why don’t you start with skin care routine?!
(This post was written once before but mistakenly deleted, and this one is Try-To-Copy-The-Original-Text one!)

Did you think I was done with reviewing sheet masks? Not even close!
As all of you know, sheet masks are acting as a lead actor (the most handsome one!) in Koreans skin care routine, so am I.
Recently I bought some sheet masks from this local store in town and well, the brand was kinda new to me. I have never heard about this brand before but I did trust and decided to try them.
At first it was so hard to make myself to put something unfamiliar on my beloved (?!) skin, but well, it’s every blogger’s duty to risk and write an honest review. I did try and NO REGRET AT ALL.

Let me first to give you a brief introduction about this brand history and let’s continue to review after that:
Genic (제닉) was established in 2001 in Korea, and it stands on technology and skin science. As a technology-intensive company in film cosmetics and other areas, Genic seeks to realize “Healthy Beauty” with the excellent products it has developed through many years of R&D. “Healthy Beauty” is the result of technology and skin science.  Genic consists of 3 different brands: Celderma, Lasante and PURETREE (which I want to review today.). From Genic market-leading “Celderma hydrogel mask pack”, to “Lasante”, Genic’s esthetics especial brand, Genic develops and produces cosmetics in various categories, including mask packs, skin care products and functional patches. You can learn more about this brand, here.

PURETREE (퓨어트리) developed as natural cosmetics in 2006. It is a therapeutic cosmetic that is natural, like a pure and clean tree. It is a natural therapy skin care brand developed through Genic’s advanced cosmetic technology, with functional plant extracts from nature. You may feel rest in your tired skin thanks to the natural and pure character of PURETREE.
PURETREE has almost 10 extracts sheet masks: Green tea, Lemon, Raspberry, Aloe, Kiwi, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Pearl, Honey and Tea Tree.

However, among all those extracts I chose collagen, tea tree and hyaluronic acid to try.
The first thing I found was the PURETREE sheet masks are thicker than other brands and it means it can stay wet longer on your face. Honestly, I kept it on my skin for about 45 minutes and I promise the forehead part was still totally wet when I removed it!

As you can see there are 3 colorful circles on back of the products and it describes what you can expect from this sheet mask:
Tea Tree: Calm, burnish (which means give the damaged skin clearer look.) and moisture.
Collagen: Moisture, elasticity and nutrition.
Hyaluronic Acid: Moisture, nutrition and burnish (refers to two sentence above!)
What is the point about this sheet masks? All of them has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spot and anti-belmish (I felt that exactly by my heart!) and the most amazing one: you will have a brighter and clearer skin after using at least 3 of these packs and for sure it helps your skincare creams and lotions to absorb better!

Is there any causes to not use them again??? HELL NO!

If you have ever tried from this company, don’t hesitate and leave comment below.



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