Saturday, October 22, 2016

Interior Design - Your Home Accent

 Dreamer is here, who really makes her world by imagination!
As we all know most of us wanna have a life with a high quality, So we have to choose the best choices despite the limitations, so my suggestion is first, go for you and your lifestyle then a house you deserve!

Here is a bit about some popular interior styles simply helping to find the best for your own!
Next you should follow your creativity and I'm here for more ideas and hints.
Let's start.

Cozy and easy

The best for friends hang out, it's comfortable, friendly and warm.
You need to collect big fluffy sofas in warm colors (light ones) and some furry pillows, candles, accessories (not lots of) all together.
Don't you feel warm enough?

Pops of colors

Combination of colors! What a good idea, you need more than at least 3 colors and you have to go on a rhythm don't make it busy, finally you'll see how happy and lively you are.

A bit bohemian

My favorite! The unique one that makes you think a bit out of norm! 
Warm colors or maybe irrelevant ones, moroccan rugs, full with accessories, greenies... putting all at the place in an artistic way, as you know it's from 18th century decorating style so feel free to use your own inner passion and of course imagination.

Modern and soft

Less color, less accessories, more simplicity, White color plus gray and wooden tones, all 
clean and minimal. Now you got the style!

Rustic, the art of nature

Honestly because of old type and dark colors it has an ancient sense and a little historical
The style is full of wood base accessories, handmade crafts and natural materials, brick or stony walls, fire place make dim spaces.
But good news is you can decorate your spaces with any second hands wood crafts after trimming and maybe repairing.

Touches of traditions

It's like you bought it years ago, but still in shape and good looking!
It characteristic with architectural details and huge furniture and elegant view.
When you have lots of ancients and mom's old home accessories, you'd better go for traditional one.

You must be interested in interiors as I am, so let me know about your ideas, there is a brain in every single head.

À bientôt,

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