Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fashion - Seoul Fashion Week ss17 (Day 1)


Hey babies, PrincessGilda is here.
Today I want to fully update you with great stories about the first day of SFW ss17.

First of all, let me to tell you some about Seoul Fashion Festival which held on October 15th and 16th. This festival featured top models runways (including Kim Kibum known as Kibumee), shopping areas with pop-up stores, live concerts and party with the hottest rappers, the most famous hip-hop stars and the best DJs on town (Yes, Jessi sexy was there too!!!).


Here we go now to the first day of SFW ss17 stories.
As always, the fashion week held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza and we could see lots of trendy and strange somehow?! Street styles around this building. In my opinion, I liked last SFW street styles more… maybe that big fashionistas were get flu and stayed at home… By the way, I hope this cold weather doesn’t make people stay away from their fashion sense!


The highlight runways for the first day was about 3 Korean brands, Greedilous by Park Younhee, Beyond Closet by Ko Tae Young and Youser by Lee Mooyeol.
1-      Greedilous (그리디어스)
Greedilous is a cosmopolitan’s women style brand which is launched in 2009 by Park Younhee. Her designs are unique in print and shapes and it made her titled “Queen of Print”. Greedilous collections are designed by Younhee’s daily inspirations between her vision and the world around her.
Greedilous ss17 runway was one of a kind today. The collection was a collaborated of Younhee Park and the sexy rapper Jessi. The costumes were printed and mostly included white color. Models were start walking with the Jessi’s performance and everything was absolutely fantastic. At the end, the two stars, Younhee Park and Jessi, waved for viewers.


2-      Beyond Closet (비욘드 클로젯)
Beyond Closet ss17 collection was named as Mix Rounge. The collection and the invitation cards were so creative as always and the most famous models were on his runway today, as always!
You can read more about this Korean brand and the talented designer Here.


3-      Youser (유저)
Youser was the first brand which opened the fashion week runway in the morning. Youser ss17 collection was casual and trendy. The designs were mostly large-sized trousers and comfy shirts. But there were something special in a feeling of designs which made this collection special from other runways.

As every fashion weeks, there were some pop-stores from local Korean apparels and I loved, loved them. The designs were unique, the qualities were great and the colors were exactly minimal and so Korean! Actually Korean people are so into this kind of colors these days.. Black, white and gray! My favorite brands were Nasty Habit by Greem B, SLEY and B et Noir.


Hope you enjoy this special post.
See you later in next day by new post about SFW day 2.



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