Friday, October 28, 2016

Beauty - PUREDERM Face Skin Mask Review

Hey fellows, how are you doing these days?
How your face skin doing during these cold and dry weather days, actually? Have you ever noticed that your face is talking to you?? If you could hear its voice, for sure you would found it say: “HELP ME PLEASE, I’M TOTALLY DRY AND STRETCHED!!!”

It is almost middle of Autumn, you have already prepared your closet with warmer clothes and for sure, changed your beauty drawer to the darker colors, but did you thought deeply more about your beauty?
Ancestors say your skin is your first cloth and why we don’t pay any attention to our face skin?
By the way, don’t worry about that, I’m here to give you a great suggestion to re-alive your skin at the less moment.
“Me, Before You!!”
– Oh please do not misunderstand, In this case, “You” is referred to the brand “PUREDERM” and not William Traynor! However, it’s a long time that I use PUREDERM’s sheet masks and my skin is getting healthier and happier day by day.
PUREDERM (퓨어덤) is a Korean brand which is designed with a base of high quality of skin care products and it gives a various type of skin cares as a sheet masks, wash-off masks, wet wipe napkins and cleansings. You can read more about this brand products Here.

What I do recommend you?
Well, there is a long list of sheet masks extracts in this brand but my most favorite ones is: Aloe Collagen Mask, Pearl Essence Mask, Firming Lift Coenzyme Q-10 Mask and Red Ginseng Essence Mask. All of PUREDERM sheet masks are included vitamin E and it’s exactly your skin’s food.

Actually the Aloe and Pearl extract sheet masks give me a brighter skin and they are great to make your face skin hydrated, it’s the best choice in this fall dry weathers. Pearl powder has long been a favorite by Asian women to protect and beautify their skin.

These two sheet masks are more professional. The Red Ginseng mask makes your face skin feels elastic, moisturized and radiant, and I can say it makes my skin lifted too.
The Firming Lift Coenzyme Q-10 mask makes the face skin firmer, lifted and refreshed with a youthful-looking complexion. This sheet mask is great to hidden your fine wrinkles as quickly as possible.

Have you ever tried any products of this brand? If yes, leave the comment below and let me to know.
Wish you have a happy and hydrated skin day, lovelies.


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