Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lifestyle - How Do I Organize My Beauty Products

Not all of beauty products we have are useful, and we know it!!! This useless stuffs are usually make our place messy and our eyes tired. If you think about “How should we organize all those stuffs?” then see more to get the answer.

Girls are start to collect beauty products since they turned 16 and some of those beauty products are really useless!! I can remember once I bought a neon green eye shadow just because it was so much eye-catching, but I have never used it and threw it away after years…
Fortunately, on these recent years I shop cosmetics and beauty products more logically, it means I think about if its quality is fine? Where to put on? How to put on? Is it suit for my beauty routine? Answering these questions are help me to have a more satisfied purchase. But after all, I need a place to put all my beauty products on. A special place for my precious skin cares, a pretty place for my beloved fragrances and a suitable place for my beautiful beauty products!

Well, I’ve chosen my bathroom as a skin care corner, and the only reason is the first step of skin care starts after a morning shower and the last step before going to bed is still putting night creams.

I use this mirror tray for my skin cares and it gives more precious look to them. This mirror tray goes well with the marble stone around it. The whole look is so stylish and classy.

As C. JoyBell. C said: “You are never fully dressed without perfume.” And I can’t be agree more than it. Perfumes on this cake stand is my favorite corner in room. I have this inspirational text next to it also.

Walk in closet is every girls dream and I reached this dream since I moved to my new house. Have an organized place for my heels and purses is all I have ever wanted.
I used one of the drawers in my walk in closet for beauty products. I have got this beauty organizer from one of local stores in city for less than 10$ but it is more useful than its cost. After that my beauty products are all so organized and ready to use!

Jewelries are not beauty products but they help to make your prettiness complete. Another drawer in my walk in closet is for my jewelry mess but at least laying down on a drawer, helps me to find them easily.

To all my US fellows, I have a good news for you all
If you are looking for self-storage outside of your house, make sure to check out MakeSpace! They will pick up and drop off your items whenever you want!
That sounds amazing, right?
Hope this post gives you some inspiration! Don’t forget to leave comments and tell me what is your favorite corner in your beauty collections?


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