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I am a shy girl, you are a shy girl, she is a SHY GIRL.

Irene Kim with PLAYNOMORE My Silly Boo clutch on Seoul FW 2015.
PLAYNOMORE is a Korean brand designed by Korean model, Irene Kim. This brand has officially launched on June 2014 and it gets trend so quickly not only in Korea, but globally.
“PLAYNOMORE pursues pleasure of fashion through its key identity “SHYGIRL”. We want to revive childhood memories and small concentric remains in our hearts.” – Said by Irene Kim.

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PLAYNOMORE is a brand full of cute and classy concepts.  Since it’s a trendy item in every fashion lover’s closet, we can’t say this purses with those big eyes are childish anymore!! The PLAYNOMORE bags have same shape as Hermes Kelly bags, but still so brand new in sizes and end-look.
PLAYNOMORE bags are still more affordable among designed bags. This brand provides more goods such as unisexual shirts, snap hats, beauty nail stickers and phone cases. If you are interested so much about its design and wants more items, then you can have this PLAYNOMORE X LANEIGE collaboration cosmetics line. Still cute and perfect in quality.

The PLAYNOMORE flagship store is located in Myeong-Dong (명동) street, Seoul, South Korea. You can find this brand store in other countries such as: China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Cyprus, Turkey, Italy, Luxembourg, UK and UAE. For more information and exact address please see this web page.
You can shop online from the official website of PLAYNOMORE easily, but still this website prices are in Korean Won!!!
Do you have something from this brand? Is it fashion item or beauty products? Don’t forget to leave comment and tell me your opinion.



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