Sunday, September 11, 2016

Beauty – MISSHA X Line Friends Edition Review

When it’s time to talk about a cute packaging, South Korea has a lot to say. MISSHA (미샤) is one of the most famous cosmetics brands in Korea, and in other hand, nowadays Line Friends (라인프렌즈) characters are trend everywhere. This post is officially about this “The Most Cutest Collaboration in the World” in 2016.

Since I was in Korea and went to Line Friends store & Café, I found I can’t get enough of this cute little things on earth. I bought so many things from Line Friends store in Garosugil (가로수길), Korea; but unfortunately, I couldn’t find my beloved MISSHA X Line Friends cosmetics in stores, they sold out so quickly and the best idea was about to shop them online.
I back to my hometown and keep this pure love in my heart for a while, since I got a package including my favorites *_*

The thing which caught my eye at the first sight was MISSHA Magic Cushion Moisture #23 with Sally face on it. Honestly, cushions are my best friends, there is no foundation suit my skin than cushion. This Magic Cushion gives a dewy and shiny skin, it keeps my face skin moisture for a long time (about more than 10 hours, really!!) and it’s exactly what I need in a new season. Autumn usually makes my skin dry and sensitive and this cushion helps my skin to stay healthy during a day. This cushion has a refill in its box (Just like all the Korean cushions.) and I don’t mind to wear it everyday, everywhere. Be aware that MISSHA X Line Friends edition, has 2 kinds of cushion with different packages. Sally is a Magic Cushion Moisture and Brown is Magic Cushion.

What’s the key to have a perfect skin??? Cleaning step! Most of the girls are think doing makeup is the most important part of the day, but I have to say, cleaning the makeup is more more important.
I got 3 different packages of MISSHA X Line Friends cleansing foam, and it made me really happy! I have some oily – combination skin type and used to washing my face morning and night with mild cleansing foam (If we don’t count makeup removing part.). Brown, Sally and Cony, my beloved ones *_*

Lips are the other attraction in the face after eyes, so take a minutes to wear makeup for them. MISSHA X Line Friends Water-full tint #Cherry Coke and Matt lip-rough # Bloody Wine were another items in this package, both of them with Brown character. Unfortunately, cause this tint is so much watery, it already spilled out in the box… which made me so heart broken (Honestly, the sender was fully responsible and it was quit respectful customer-service.). By the way, it is still so cute and I can use it as a room design between my other Line Friends collection. MISSHA X Line Friends matt lip-rough is my favorite these days. It gives my lips a matt and sexy look. I can’t say it is lasting for a long, or during eating… but still I recommend it for its really beautiful color and great look.
At the end, you can still find your favorite MISSHA X Line Friends edition items from, they are truly trustworthy Korean cosmetics online shopping website, based in Korea. They shipped to all around the world and you won’t have any regret at all. AND ANOTHER GOOD NEWS: They have 20% off for Chuseok Holliday event in Korea. Don’t miss the time and send a present to yourself NOW!!!

Do you have any item from this cute Line Friends collection??? Have you ever been in its amazing store & café?? Tell me your experience and I’m waiting for you.


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