Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lifestyle – What’s On My Desk?

They say: “Clear desk, Clear mind.” Which I agree with them. But sometimes all I want are a cute things that gives me more motivation than ever.

All I have on my desk are just a simple daily stuffs that helps me to keep my work on routine way. If you know or not, I’m a master student in the last semester and so busy with writing my thesis, so what I need during this hellish situation is organized desk with what I adore.

A vase of pink flowers is my always favorite thing, it’s not just gives my eyes beauty, even it’s good smell makes me stress out. Or a planted Cactus in my old Etude House Moistfull cream! A bucket full of colorful pens, cause I’m addicted to write my planner with different colors. It makes my life more organized, not? A D-Day desk stand calendar helps me to count days and remember the time I have present my thesis. This little LINE Friends - Brown USB was love at first sight! This cute memos are must to have for every girls who want to be organized and don’t miss any work during the week.
Oh, and can you see that cute yellow punch? It’s Korean!!!

I always have a notebook beside my hand to write beautiful, inspiration quotes I find. At the end of the paper, I have this great collection of my favorite quotes.

Keypad stickers in Korean language was my “I NEED IT SO BAD” all the time and finally I found it in the cutest version from Hello Kitty Island in Jeju Island. It’s totally my style!

Well, I have this handsome boy on my desk corner to gives me inspiration that life is not that much rough that I think (I usually have this feeling when my thesis routine gets mess up.) and you know what? He is hand cream from Etude House cosmetics!!

It’s no matter if you are a fashion girl or a normal student, sometimes a career girl, all of us always need a planner to be organized and on time for our appointment. If you don’t know how, then check my last post about How to start a planner .

Don’t forget to leave comments and tell me what does your favorite piece on your desk.


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