Monday, April 4, 2016

Fashion – Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2016

Hello my dear friends,

My spring break is already over and I’m here now. Meanwhile I was on a trip and was walking among historical tourist sights, South Korea held Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2016 with so many amazing talented Korean designers which most of them were my favorite. Dongdaemun Design Plaza was so crowded by fashion lovers with their unique street styles.

Today I want to introduce two brands of my favorite and their F/W 2016 runway.

1-      NOHANT (노앙):
If you are ever into Korean fashion, for sure you have seen NOHANT special collection “Love City” or “ovecity” on S/S 2014.

The mix of Korean alphabets with English was so brilliant. It was so much popular on that time, and still much popular among Korean people. So unique design and so brand new! The design that never gets old among fashionistas!
NOHANT new collection F/W 2016 is still so special and so Korean, comfortable street styles while smart and classy.

2-      Steve J & Yoni P (스티브제이 앤드 요니피):

Known as SJYP, a great mix of two talented designers and their one of a kind designs. SJYP F/W 2016 consist of denim fashion and you know denim is my all time favorite. The twin style was the limelight of the runway and I don’t mind to wear like this with my sister! It shows SISTERS FOREVER or BEST FRIENDS FOREVER style in the best way.

You can see more information and photos about other Korean brands and their runway on SFW official website, and don’t forget to leave me a comment which one is your favorite.


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