Thursday, June 2, 2016

Beauty – Summer Nails By Etude House

Unbroken sunshine is out there, hot weather and cold ice creams! Your skin is shouting for going to beach and tanning (I don’t reply her, I like tanning but I like to be healthy more! So Asian mind, right?). Spring breeze is already gone and it’s officially SUMMER!

If I skip that tanning part, painting my nails in summer colors are always my first step to say hello to summer!
Pink color is always a good idea and what else? This neon color is another favorite color for summer season. These colorful nails in Etude House’s Play Nails (#16 Neon pink & #87 Jelly yellow) reminds me ice cream colors and gives me summer’s hotness!

Wish you all have a happy summer and welcome June!



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